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This is not a typical organization in regards to work done in ministry to the homeless.  From the moment we connect with a homeless man, woman, family or teenager, we are pursuing their heart.  It is about so much more than making sure they aren't homeless.  Yes that is a factor, but it's not the priority. Living in a tent pales in comparison to eternity in hell and we want to see our brothers

and sisters join us in heavenly places.

There is no greater joy than meeting the needs of the homeless - it is

such a large part of what we do.  The day-to-day challenges of our

WOTS members are far greater than setting up a tent for a family.  The

kinds of situations we encounter on any given day consist of but are not

limited to: camps set up in places consumed with bugs, drug abuse,

suicide, fights, threats to our team, wounds, medical aid, counseling,

and so much more.  We are not another soup kitchen - not to say

that soup kitchens aren't very useful and helpful in our community, but

we just want to be clear in stating that that is not our method of


Sundays are a big day for us as it's the time that our homeless friends and families come to join together for a time of prayer, teaching and an abundance of food (we always have to-go boxes for them to take home extras).  Even as enjoyable as our Sunday dinner is, we are still confronted with all kinds of challenges.  Some people show up drunk, agitated, confused, delusional, or just plain angry - granted they have every reason to be angry. 


Our goal through all of this is to be present.

There is no greater step we can take in ministering to the homeless than to make sure we are consistently available and THERE.  



This isn't about getting Instagram worthy material or striving for followers on our Facebook page.  We hope for all the support we can get because all of this isn't possible without your support.  Just know that every single dollar that is donated is used to directly impact the homeless of Central Florida.  This isn't a career for our team, this isn't about money at all.  Of course people like Pastor Skip need to support their families and that is done through all of the giving that comes in.  We are so grateful for each donation and we pray for an abundance more. 

Please consider donating as a monthly contributor - in doing so you are creating consistency for our team - and in return we can continue to provide consistent care to the homeless.

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