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Assembling Bags

Assemble Bags

Every week Pastor Skip assembles more than 500 snack bags to hand out to the homeless throughout Central Florida. The reality is WOTS needs four times that amount! We have a central location with all the supplies needed to pack these bags; now we just need some helping hands who can commit to assembling them on a weekly basis. This would take a few hours a week, but you don't have to do it alone. Volunteering together as a family or small group would make this easy work!  If you are interested in getting involved and making a real impact on the homeless, please sign up today!

urgent need

Providig a meal
Distribute Supplies and Food
Major Holiays

Provide Food

WOTS has a Bible study and feast every Sunday at 4:00pm EST on East Colonial Drive. We are looking for friends who can sign up for one Sunday every month to cook and bring an entree, meat, salad, or dessert. For example, you might choose to bring an entree on the second Sunday of every month. We plan to expand the Sunday feast as soon as we have enough "cooks in the kitchen". In addition to the east side of town, we will launch a Sunday Feast at 4pm on the west, south and north sides, and downtown Orlando.

Pick Up & Distribute

Generous companies like Pizza Hut, 7/11, KFC, Chipotle, Long John Silvers, and Publix (to name a few) donate food to WOTS on a daily basis. We need volunteers who are willing to pick up and deliver these food items to distribution points. Please sign up if you are interested and we will contact you to discuss details and make arrangements.  Pick up times vary from 7am to 10pm.

Major Holidays

WOTS has special celebrations on the Sundays nearest July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. We always need help with food, give-away items, and staff for these large events:

  • July 4th barbeque      

  • Thanksgiving feast with grocery and hygiene bags giveaway

  • Christmas feast with wrapped presents for all children, and gifts for all adults

  • Easter feast and communion

Be A Distribution Point

We are working on the logistics of this opportunity to serve WOTS. Please stay tuned for updates on our FB page.

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