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It seems we're all about the 4 letter acronyms here! Being BOTG for WOTS means so much to us and it speaks volumes about the action you are willing to take to help the homeless throughout the country. When you serve at a Sunday dinner, donate much needed items, or financially support this ministry, you are being "boots on the ground" and even better - you are part of WOTS!


To put it simply, because we can't do this without you! The greate commission is to GO into the world and preach the gospel. The first step in getting the gospel message to the ears and hearts of the homeless is to first be present. It is so important in this mission to be on the ground, with the homeless.  They are people, with hurts, and pains - and they need love and support. The kind of love and support that comes with physically being there for them. 


The term comes from its use in the military. The dictionary definition is "ground troops who are on active service in a military operation". Being BOTG for WOTS means you are committing to be in active service for the homeless across the country. God called us to go out and put our feet on the mission field to love and serve.


You can be BOTG every day of the week.  We need your help wherever you are right now in this world. It's not about being here in Orlando, it's about being OUT in the world. The homeless and less fortunate are on the street, in the woods, under highway overpasses and behind gas stations. They just need someone to be there, talk with them, and support them. We have been doing this for over a decade, so a great place to start for resources and involvement is with us! We're here to help you help the homeless.

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